As the great Tom Petty sings, “the waiting is the hardest part …” These words echo through our heads every time we’re patiently waiting on the annual Thanksgiving Turkey.

So this year, we channeled our inner Van Halen because we want turkey “Right NOW!” (see what we did there?)

Deep Frying couldn’t be easier (so long as you’re careful) and you’ll have a tender, moist and delicious turkey (12-14 lbs) in about 45 minutes. Read on for our tips in adding a little more flavor to your bird.


    If you’re using a frozen turkey, make sure you’ve completely thawed it in the refrigerator for at least 48 hours. To determine the correct amount of oil, place the turkey into the pot you’ll be frying it in, add water until it barely covers the top of the turkey and make sure it’s at least 4 to 5 inches below the top of the pot.

    Remove the turkey from the water and mark the waterline on the side of the pot. Empty out the water and add oil (we used about 3 and ¾ gallons of peanut oil for our 12 lb bird).


    Want to add a whole lot of flavor?  Try injecting marinade into your turkey before you fry.  You can find marinades complete with injection kits at your local store.

    We spiked Tony Chachere’s Creole Butter marinade (17 ounces w/ injector) with some Cajun spices and cayenne pepper for a little heat.

    Follow instructions with the kit to inject the breast, thighs and wings.  You’ll need about an ounce of marinade for every pound of turkey meat.


    Once you’ve juiced your turkey, pat it dry with paper towels and let it sit for 30 minutes.  Oil and water don’t mix.  Wet turkey will promote spattering and increase the likelihood that you’ll get a nasty burn or start a fire you don’t want.  We used an outdoor fryer that we placed in a driveway.

    Heat your oil to 350 degrees in a well-ventilated area and slowly lower your turkey into the oil. Cover and cook.  Keep the oil between 300-375 degrees.  If you go any higher shut the flame down and allow oil to cool.

    Remove your bird after 35 to 40 minutes.  Check the temperature with a probe thermometer.  Once the breast reaches 150 degrees F, pull the turkey and allow to rest for 30 minutes.  Carve as desired.

Drink, Dance, Doodle!

Is 45 minutes of cooking time still too long to wait? Here’s our three favorite ways to pass time during your T-Day Driveway Deep Fry session.

1. Enjoy a pumpkin ale!  With so many wonderful pumpkin beers (New Holland - Brewing Ichabod, Pumking - Southern Tier) why not get into the spirit and cheers your hard work.

2. Driveway dance party!  Crank up the radio and dance around the warmth of your kettle.

3. Doodles! Embrace your inner Thanksgiving toddler.  Grab the sidewalk chalk and scribble away.