Aussie Bubs Infant Formula, Organic Grass Fed, 1 (0 6 Months) 800 G

PPO+ Advanced. Pure nutrition. Derived from nature. Grass fed. 365 days on pasture. Clean label. No artificial growth hormones. Bubs Infant Formula protein source is derived from cow milk. Infant formula may be used from birth to 6 months. It is recommended that infants over the age of 6 months should be gradually offered solid food in addition to formula. Growing Generation Joy. We understand the importance of a happy tummy for your little one. Bubs Organic Infant Formula is made with organic milk from grass fed cows, nutritionally balanced and non-GMO. Our incredibly high standards ensure safety, quality, purity and nutrition, giving parents peace of mind and bubs a happy start to life. New Zealand dairy. Our certified organic milk comes from new Zealand farms. 365 days a year our free range cows graze outdoors, all year round. Grass Fed: our cows diet is fresh green grass. Bubs Organic range: 2: 6-12 months. Follow-on formula. 3: 12-36 months. Toddler milk. Recycle.