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Hidden Valley Ranch Sauces

Hidden Valley Sauces

Get flavorful restaurant style burgers, tacos and more with Hidden Valley's Secret Sauce. Discover this delectable drizzle for any occasion!



Hidden Valley Ranch Dips

Hidden Valley Dips

Level-up your dipping game with Hidden Valley Cheese & Ranch dips. Available in Garlic Parmesan, Ranch Dip and Aged Cheddar your sure to find the perfect pairing. 



Red Bull (tropical) 12 Packs

Red Bull 12 packs (tropical)

Experience the Exotic tastes of tropical fruits with the yellow edition Red Bull. Now available at your local neighborhood market in 12 packs. 



Our Family Trail Mix

Our Family Trail Mix

Our new Trail Mixes combine all of the classic ingredients that make for a delicious and healthy snack; peanuts, raisins, cocoa candies and sunflower kernels plus an indulgent option with butter toffee peanuts, peanuts, dark chocolate chunks and peanut butter flavored candies make up our decadent new Peanut Butter & Chocolate Trail Mix. Go on, have a try!