Heart Month’s Favorite Power Couple – Veggies & Eggs

The Incredible Egg

Heart Health Power Pair: Veggies + Eggs

• Heart-healthy eating can include eggs

• Choosing more veggies & fruit may help lower heart disease risk


Every Time You Have an Egg, Have A Plant®

Try these Delicious American Heart Association Heart-Check Certified Recipes!

  • heart healthy vegetable egg casserole

    vegetable egg casserole

     Whether you’re trying to get your family to sit down for a meal together or inviting friends over to showcase your cooking prowess, this veggie-loaded savory egg bake is ready in 45 minutes from start to finish and has just 10 ingredients.

    Shopping Tip: For easier prep, add fresh cut sweet potatoes, peppers, and onions to your virtual cart.

  • heart healthy Sunny Side Up Egg Tostadas

    sunny side-up egg Tostadas

    Eggs complement a plant-forward eating pattern as they are a carrier for under-consumed vegetables, helping you to better absorb the nutrients found in plant foods such as vitamin E and carotenoids.

    Serving Tip: Build a "tostada bar" with ingredients like shredded cheese, different salsas, cilantro, chopped red cabbage, and corn. Then allow family members to build their own tostada based on their individual preferences.

  • heart healthy veggie egg muffins

    veggie loaded egg muffins

    Eggs are a yes-brainer for babies and young children. The American Academy of Pediatrics cites choline as a key nutrient that supports brain health from conception through two years of age. Eggs are the greatest source of choline.

    Make Ahead Tip: These satisfying egg muffins are easy to prep ahead, perfectly portioned, and portable for a nutritious weekday breakfast or lunch for kids and adults alike.


  • heart healthy sweet potato hash

    sweet potato & egg hash

    Did you know involving kids in meal prep can increase their vegetable intake? In this recipe, older children can clean and dice vegetables while younger children can measure spices and crack the eggs.

    Cooking Tip: As you crack your eggs and put them onto the baking sheet, think about it as creating a nest for your eggs in a delicious mound of roasted sweet potatoes, peppers, and onions. 

Living Well Brought to you by our dietitians

Our Top Our Family heart healthy picks!

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  • No Sugar added canned and frozen fruits

    No sugar added canned and frozen fruit.

    While we want to limit added sugars, the natural sugar in fruits is perfectly healthy. No sugar added fruits are just as nutritious as fresh!

  • No salt added canned and frozen vegetables

    No salt added canned and frozen veggies and beans.

    Limit excess sodium since too much sodium may impact blood pressure. No salt added veggies and beans are just as nutritious as fresh!

  • Lean meats

    Lean meat including skinless poultry, beef round sirloin, and pork tenderloin.

    Leaner meats containing less saturated fat are less likely to increase blood lipids and are an excellent source of protein.

  • Salt free seasonings


    Again limiting excess sodium helps to maintain blood pressure thus promoting heart health.

  • Lower fat dairy choices

    Lower fat dairy products such as 1% or skim milk, reduced fat cheese and low fat yogurt.

    Lower fat dairy products are a source of many nutrients including potassium, just less fat!

  • Fish selections

    Fish including fresh, frozen and canned tuna and salmon.

    Salmon and tuna are a source of omega-3 fats which reduces inflammation and may prevent damage that may lead to heart disease. 

Mother Daughter reading label in produce section

Shopping List

To eat more nutritious foods, checkout our Living Well Shopping List. This shopping list will guide you through the aisles and help you select the healthier options. 

printable shopping list

  • blueberries are a heart healthy choice

    Blueberries promote heart health!

    Blueberries are a source of fiber, which lowers cholesterol, and contain a special phytonutrient called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins give blueberries their "blue" color and have been found to lower blood pressure as well as make blood vessels more elastic! Be sure to put blueberries in your cart on your next supermarket shopping trip!

  • Chocolate and blueberry bark

    Chocolate Blueberry Superfood Bark Recipe

    Decadent and heart healthy!

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