Summer Food Hacks

Ten Hot Hacks For A Super Summer!

Summer is in full swing, but it will be over before you know it. Here are ten tips and tricks to help you savor the season and make the rest of your summer a breeze.


1. Keep ice cream cones from leaking by putting a marshmallow inside to soak up the ice cream as it melts.


2. Stop ice crystals from forming in your ice cream container by putting it in a sealable bag before you place it in the freezer.


3. To make ice cream easier to scoop, soften it in the microwave first. A half-gallon of ice cream should soften in about 30 seconds on low.


4. Slide a cupcake liner under your popsicle to keep it from dripping on your hands.


5. Give your barbecued foods an extra kick of flavor by placing herbs like savory or rosemary on the hot coals.


6. To ensure that your burgers plump evenly, make a small, thumb-sized indentation in the center of the burger before cooking.


7. When you only want a couple of onion slices for your burger, split the onion in half, cut off a slice or two, then put the two halves back together.


8. When prepping strawberries, pierce them with a straw to remove the stems faster.


9. After fishing trips, remove that fishy smell from your hands by rubbing some butter on them before washing with warm soap and water.


10. To soothe sunburn pain, apply plain yogurt, let it stand for around twenty minutes, then rinse with cool water.

Happy Summering!

— John