Cheers to Moms Who Drink Beer

We thought we would shake up the beverage recommendations for Moms on Mother’s Day with some barley and hops versus grapes.   Wine is a great Mother’s Day beverage with Rose, Sparkling, and Sauvignon Blanc making significant gains in the wine world.  However, not all moms drink wine, some moms prefer beer, so this year, let’s talk about beer for Mother’s Day.

Corona Premier is a new item from Corona, a very good balanced, premium, light beer.  Only 7 IBUs and 4.0% ABV this beer is a light option at only 90 calories and 2.6 carbs. This is a refreshing and easy drinking beer that will match with any fun food being served on Mother’s Day.  Not overly sweet, this beer finishes beautifully dry.

Founders now has their Breakfast Stout available all year long.  This is a beer for the coffee lover, and we all know (many) Moms run on caffeine!  This beer is full of flaked oats for silkiness, bitter and sweet imported chocolate, and two types of coffee.  The flavor is intense - fresh roasted coffee and chocolate all jammed in a tasty stout.

How about a beer that does not know if it is a Pale Wheat or an IPA?  Lagunitas has a beer named “A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’.  This beer has a nose of an IPA and finishes like a Wheat Pale Ale which, to me, makes it a very interesting and tasty brew.  The ABV is 7.5% and has 64 IBUs.

Michelob has a new beer named Michelob Ultra Pure Gold.  This genre is prevalent within the new beer items for 2018.  The website indicates this beer is a “light lager with a superior, golden taste.”  I have not tasted it yet but I do know that Michelob Ultra is still on fire in the stores.  It is a very popular brand.  Triple filtered and brewed with organic grains and free of artificial colors and flavors, this beer has 2.5 carbs and 85 calories.

We are finally getting consistent deliveries of Old Nation M-43 New England style IPA.  This beer has been extremely popular and tastes fantastic.  Old Nation found a way to put malt and hops in perfect balance with this beer.  It is described as juicy and I agree.  It wants to be sweet but the hops keep the sweet right at the edge of the diving board and don’t let the hops make a big splash.  The nose is almost delicate on this beauty.  The ABV is 6.5% and the IBUs are at 65. Only available in MI.

Back to Founders and their Rubaeus, which is now available in 6 pack cans.  This makes it very convenient for the porch, patio, pool, or pontoon boat.  An amazing beer jammed full of raspberries.  It is a great marriage of sweet and tart, nothing sticky about this beer.  A perfect pairing in our deli cheese offerings would be any Brie.  This pairing will knock your socks off.  ABV is 5.7% with only 15 IBUs.

Last, we need to talk about the hottest trend right now which is hard sparkling water.  Henry’s has a new variety 12 pack of three flavors of hard sparkling water.  If you are a fan of LaCroix or Perrier, you will love the flavor of hard sparkling water.  The three flavors are Passion Fruit, Lemon Lime, and Strawberry/Kiwi.  It is all about 88 calories with no sugar and natural fruit flavors.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Family Fare!