Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate with Cerveza

The celebration of the 5th of May, Cinco de Mayo, is in commemoration of a day in 1862 when a group of 4,000 fighters from Mexico defeated an army of 6,000 Frenchmen.  It was a short-lived victory as the French went on to defeat Mexico and install a French Emperor, Maximilian I in 1864.  This emperor lasted only 3 years and was executed in 1867.

So the spirit behind Cinco de Mayo is celebrating having prevailed extremely difficult circumstances.  It is sort of hailed as Mexican independence but not the actual independence from Spain, which is celebrated on September 16.

But of course, America just needs an excuse to celebrate, so Cinco de Mayo it is.  The most popular imported beer that we have is Corona.  Available as Corona Extra, Corona Extra Light, and now a new Corona, Premier.  This is the first new Corona that has been released in 29 years.

The primary difference between the three Coronas is the calorie count. Corona Extra is 4.5% ABV with 149 calories, Extra Light has 4.1% ABV with 99 calories, and the new Corona Premier has 4.0% ABV with only 90 calories.  Corona Premier also has only 7 IBUs, and is a very smooth drinking, light beer experience.  It appears they are targeting the Michelob Ultra drinker with this new option.

Modelo is another great imported beer.  It is a classic, thirst-quenching pilsner that has been growing swiftly in popularity in the U.S.  The ABV of Modelo is 4.4% with IBUs of 12.  This flavorful beer has a sweetness to it that has been described as orange blossom honey and herb.

A new beer to us is Sol.  This brand has been around a long time but is now re-emerging.  The ABV is 4.5% and it is also an easy drinking golden lager.  In Spanish, Sol means Sun.

Another new import for us is Estrella Jalisco.  In Spanish, Estrella means Star.  This Mexican pilsner has a beautiful golden straw color.  It also has an ABV of 4.5% and delivers a crisp, light flavor with no after taste.

Together, this is a great line up to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Enjoy, and have a safe holiday!