Product Recall/Withdrawal

Classification: Class III
Summary: KC Pharmaceuticals is recalling specific UPCs of TopCare Eye Drops due to individual units being out of specification. The products are being recalled because of certain good manufacturing deficiencies related to a lack of documentation of the fill line and not related to any complaints related to sterility. Unlike some other eye drop products, the recalled eye drops contain benzalkonium chloride as a preservative. No illnesses or other adverse events have been reported from the use of any of the recalled lots. This is not a product safety concern.

Product Information:
UPC Product Description Size Lot Code/Expiration Date:
0 36800 36100 TopCare Eye Drops Natural Tears Formula 0.50 fl oz LT21F02 Sell By June 2023 LT21F03 Sell By June 2023
0 36800 03639 TopCare Eye Drops Original Formula 0.50 fl oz RG21F01 Sell By June 2023 RG21F02 Sell By June 2023

Please do not use the item(s) and instead, return it/them to the store for a refund or replacement.

We are committed to your health and safety, and we follow best practices to ensure the quality and safety of the products we sell. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

For any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service center at 1-800-451-8500.