Buffalo Cajun Wings

A beautiful plate of Buffalo Cajun Baked Wings ready to be enjoyed at your next party.

Want a healthier way to enjoy the crispy, sauce-laden goodness of Buffalo wings during your party? Bake em. This super simple method of making your favorite appetizer takes all the flavor and removes the deep frying process.  Get the recipe for Baked Buffalo Cajun Wings now. 

  • Family Fare baked chicken recipe showing cut wings lightly seasoned and ready for the oven.

    Cut the fryer, cut the fat

    If there's a party happening and you've got the big game going, the last thing you need is deep-fryer hard at work in your kitchen. But what's a sport themed party without Buffalo wings? Inconceivable. Cut the fryer by going to your oven. 

  • Slow baking is the secret to a tasty and healthy Family Fare chicken wing recipe, shown here ready to be removed from the oven and enjoyed.

    Baking makes them crispy

    What's the secret to the perfect baked wing? Lower temperatures and increased time. Slow baking around 400 degress (or less) is the best way to ensure your wings get crispy and delightful. After an hour or so, the poultry pops will be perfectly ready for a sauce bath. 

A table displaying how to finish off your healthy chicken wing recipe with tasty sauces like Spartan Vinegar, Frank's RedHot, and SmartBalance Buttery Spread
Finish this recipe and garnish your Family Fare healthy buffalo chicken wings, as shown here with green onions, and serve with carrots or celery.