Watermelon Tips



  1. In this case, dull is good -  Pick a watermelon with a dull, matte-finish rind. A shiny appearance means it’s under ripe. 
  2. Look for the field spot -  The field spot is a yellowish, creamy spot on the melon where the watermelon was growing on the ground. The darker the field spot, the longer it was on the vine.  If it’s white or not there at all it means the melon is under ripe.
  3. Listen -  A dull thud is a no-go. Your knuckles should bounce off the melon, and the surface should be pretty hard and firm.
  4. Give it a lift -  Is the watermelon heavy for its size?  A heavier weight means there is a fair amount of water inside and that it’s ripe. This is a good rule to follow when picking out most fruits and vegetables – heavier is better. 
  5. Even out & bump free -  While you’ve got the watermelon in your arms, make sure it’s uniformly shaped.  Irregularities show it may have gotten inconsistent amounts of sun or water and may not be as ripe and delicious. 

A Side of Refreshing

Nothing like a juicy slice of watermelon on a hot summer day. Try this cool and easy salad with simple, farm-fresh ingredients to go along with what's on the grill. We recommend the rich and meaty texture of pitted kalamata olives in this dish, but you can substitute a milder black olive if that's more your taste. Now add a great view and sand between your toes. 

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