Step into spring with a new brew!

Springtime brings new life, feelings of renewal, new foods and great beers! We offer some amazing craft brews in-store perfect for the spring season. In many of our stores you can try all of them and build your own #springsixer! 

Check out some of our favorites below and look for great recipes to cook with beer or just find a few ideas for pairing these great seasonal beers. 


Arcadia Whitsun

This amazing spring beer is a classic for Battle Creek, Michigan’s Arcadia Ales. Brewed in a mid-19th century English festival style, this unfiltered wheat ale is perfect for spring. Bright orange, with a creamy white head, this beer has bread and honey up front and orange peel and coriander on the finish. Not too bitter, perfect for soaking up the summer sun. 


Bells Oberon

A perfect craft beer for those looking to learn more about small batch beers. This Michigan classic from Bells Brewery is legendary wheat ale that offers a spicy hop character and mild fruity aromas. Wheat malt mellows out any sense of bitterness making Oberon extraordinarily easy drinking and perfect for lighter spring and summer food pairings.  


Founders Rübæus

For those looking for something more flavorful than a shandy, Grand Rapids giant Founders offers up Rübæus. With just 5.7% ABV, this light, refreshing, raspberry-centered beer is perfect for warmer months. This brew sips more like a sparkling wine than an ale, yet satisfies even the most hop-headed beer drinker in the room with a highly fruit forward mouthfeel and pleasant nose. 


Short's Chatterbox

Chatterbox is an American Pale Ale with an extremely pleasant balance of malt and hops. Bitter enough for fans of hop-forward India Pale Ales, yet drinkable enough to bring you back for a second or third bottle, Chatterbox screams warmer weather, drinks on the porch and great food on the grill. 


Sam Adam's Porch Rocker

For beer drinkers who shy away from the bitter, Porch Rocker is a perfect spring and summer refresher. Tartness of lemon and the crispness of traditional German Helles lager blend beautifully together for a delightful finish. Porch Rocker is a traditional “Radler” (beer/lemonade mix) in every sense of the word. 


New Belgium
Portage Porter

While many people don’t think of porters as “spring beers,” Portage will make you a believer. Coffee and chocolate greet you on the nose, while the taste is roasty, creamy and mildly bitter. This medium-bodied porter isn’t as heavy handed as winter-focused porters and stouts, meaning it holds well into the summer months. 


Craft Beer Asparagus Risotto 

Have an extra bottle of Whitsun, or Oberon on the ready?  Love the big flavor of a good risotto?  We’ve got you covered in this easy recipe. 


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