Labor Day Entertaining

  • Simple Sangria

    Skip the suds and try this fruity, summer sipper that was perfected in Spain. All you'll need is a fruity red wine (we used Simply Naked's unoaked cabernet sauvignon), a little brandy, some sugar and a few of your favorite citrus fruits.

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  • Make it interactive!

    Who says the host should be doing all the cooking on Labor Day? Everyone loves the opportunity to make a meal tailored to their tastes and Family Fare has an amazing assortment of ready made or minimal prep items to speed up the process.

Holiday entertaining can be a tough, especially when you've got a crowd. Whether you're facing picky eaters, dietary restrictions or cantankerous kiddos, it's tough to please everyone.

But, if you're like us, it's tough to turn down a pizza. Especially if you can customize it to your personal taste. Toss the old tradition of grilling a bunch of hot dogs and hamburgers for your Labor Day Celebration and try our DIY Grilled Pizza Bar!

Setting up your Pizza Bar couldn't be easier. Guests will love it because they can have things their way. You'll love it because it cuts your cooking in half!

We suggest you buy a selection of cheeses (for our recipes we used shredded mozzarella, crumbled Feta, a cheddar/Gruyere blend and fresh mozzarella), meats (pepperoni, pre-grilled chicken, you name it!) and different toppings (veggies, fruit, whatever suits your fancy!) and lay them out on a large platter or in individual bowls to make it easy for guests to customize to their heart's content. Where you can get extra creative is in your sauce. We tested pesto, traditional pizza, BBQ and a red pepper tzatziki.

For the crust you can use pre-made dough, pita, flatbread or even naan bread to mix it up. Scroll onward for more images from our Family Fare pizza party or click here to grab the recipes for our pesto pizza, gyro pizza, classic pepperoni pizza or grilled bbq chicken pizza.