Cash for Labels

Cash for Labels Makes it Simple to Raise Money!

First, your organization’s members buy Spartan brand products and send us the Universal Product Codes (UPC) from the labels in bundles of 1,000. This equates to $.02 for every Spartan brand UPC symbol we receive from your group, or $20.00 per 1,000. With Cash for Labels, the money you raise will grow fast. For example, if 50 families in your organization buy 50 Spartan label items each week, your group can accumulate $1,600 in just eight months! 

All the information you need to join the thousands of organizations already participating is available right here on our web site! To join, simply print off the redemption form and send the completed form with your first 1,000 (or more, in bundles of 1,000) labels to the address on the form. When we receive your labels we will assign your organization an account number. We will then mail a check for $20 for each bundle of 1,000 labels you’ve submitted. Your account number will arrive approximately 6-8 weeks after we receive your first bundle of labels. It’s that simple! There is no pre-registration necessary.

Your Members will Save Money Too!

Spartan brand also benefits your group’s members. They will save money buying the Spartan brand products you need to raise money. 

There are over 1,400 Spartan brand products available, and many are priced 10-20% less than comparable national brand items. Consumers save over 1 million dollars weekly and reach for it over 4.5 million times each week. Plus, all Spartan brand products carry our exclusive Double Your Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, which offers complete satisfaction on every Spartan brand purchase. 

Spartan brand products are carried by over 450 stores in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. 

To learn which stores in your area carry Spartan brand products, call toll free 1-800-732-347 or click here.

If you have any questions about the Cash for Labels program, contact the cash for labels administrator from 8am - 5pm EST Monday through Friday at 800-451-8500. Also, if you know of other non-profit organizations that might be interested in raising money with Spartan Brands Cash for Labels program, please pass along the details!

Label Redemption Information 

Only UPC symbols from Spartan brand products can be redeemed for cash. Cut the UPC symbol from labels or cartons. For glass items with a glued label, the label can be removed by first soaking in warm water. For your safety, all labels from Spartan 12-ounce canned pop, all refrigerated biscuits, and spices in tins are not eligible for redemption. All UPC symbols must be sent in bundles of 1,000. Bundles containing less than 1,000 Spartan UPC symbols will not be honored or returned. Using the Spartan Snap and Seal Storage bags works great for this purpose. 

To redeem your collection, please complete ONE label redemption form per mailing and include inside your bundles of labels. To mail your label collection, please wrap the package securely and mark the package clearly with your address on the outside of the package. Neither Spartan Brand Cash for Labels, nor its affiliates, will be responsible for labels not received at the address listed below, nor will redemptions therefore be honored. Send Spartan Cash for Labels redemptions to: Spartan Stores, Cash for Labels, 850 76th Street SW, Byron Center, MI 49315. Please allow ten to twelve weeks for your redemption to be processed and your check to be delivered. Checks will be issued to a group name only. Label quantities are subject to verification by Spartan Cash for Labels administrators. Call toll-free 1-800-732-3477 to find the Spartan store nearest you, or click here.

If you have questions that require additional information regarding Cash for Labels, please contact the Cash for Labels administrator at 800-451-8500. 

Cash for Labels Form

Please fill out a Cash for Labels form each time you send in labels.  If this is your first time to the program, please fill out the form with contact  name, organizations name, organizations address and a phone number. Send the form along with your labels for redemption.

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