Huggies Nursery Sweepstakes

Baby Nursery Sweepstakes!

Baby nursery room with crib, rocking chair and toys

Our local neighborhood market has it all. From grocery to baby needs we've got you covered. Now for a limited time, enter for your chance to win a nursery make over and other amazing baby themed prizes from our friends at Huggies.

After you've entered to win, check out below for 3 things first time parents, and all parents for that matter, need to know. Plus discover some creative nursery organizational hacks.

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Enter for a chance to WIN!

 Grand Prize:  The nursery remodel of your dreams. ($3,000 value)
Second Prize:  Huggies® Diapers for a Year ($500 value)
Third Prize:  Grocery Gift Cards (three $50 winners)

Nursery Organization Hacks

Baby sitting in laundry basket full of clothes holder a plastic hanger

hacks and hangers

Save space and hangers by hanging up to 3 onsies on one hanger. The key is to hang them upside down! 

There is no good way to fold a bib, so don't! Hang many bibs on just one hanger. It's easy to store and easily accessible! 


Baby boy looking into wicker basket

Bins, Bins and More Bins

We all know storage bins are all the rave these days. But in a nursery there are so many tiny items you MUST organize with bins. Add multiple shallow bins to a drawer to separate items, utilize the space under the crib for a bin of too big or too small clothing or your stash of extra diapers and lastly, fill a few bins of toys and rattles that can be taken out but easily put away. 



Toddler playing with Legos

That's Not What It's For

Use other household items to organize your nursery such as an over-the-door shoe holder for receiving blankets, bibs and even toiletries like lotion, oil and baby powder. 
Instead of taking floor space for a book shelf utilize the wall space for floated book holders. You could even use this idea near the change table for changing necessities. 
Lastly try using a laundry basket for large toy storage like stuffed animals or building blocks. 


First Time Parents - What You Need to Know


  • Baby sitting in high chair in a cherry tomato

    Choking Hazards

    Be aware of the most common choking hazards for your child's age groups and always make sure they are sitting up while eating (avoid eating in the stroller or car). According to the CDC here are some foods to be cautious with for children under 24 months: Uncut grapes or cherries, uncooked dry fruit such as raisins, larger chunks of meat or cheese, jelly beans, chunks of peanut butter, marshmallows, chewing gum and popcorn.  

    More information

  • Poison Control logo and phone number 1-800-222-1222

    Poison Control

    Poison control is open 24/7. It's safest to bring the slightest concern to them (or your family doctors) if an incident occurs. Save the number in your phone today! 

  • Toddler reaching for door handle

    Baby-Proofing Your House

    As your little ones grow so will their curiosity. Make sure to remove all breakable, sharp or potentially hazardous decor prior to your baby becoming mobile. Keep cupboards with chemicals closed and off limits with baby proofing kits or items as simple as rubber-bands.  
    Before your child is mobile take baby proofing precautions that could benefit your infant. For example, invest in a dehumidifier/humidifier or air purifier for the household air and always remove any paint chips or shavings from the walls especially if your home was built prior to 1978 as it could contain lead.

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