Look for the Nutrition Guide Attributes When Building Your Healthy Plate!

Be sure to check for these tags on the shelves when shopping to build your healthy plate. Many fruits share these healthy traits.

Fill Up On Fruit!


Fruits Provide:

  • Potassium, Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C, Folate (Folic Acid).
  • Fruits are Naturally Low in Fat, Sodium and Calories!

Any Fruit or 100% Fruit Juice counts!

  • Fruits may be Fresh, Canned, Frozen or Dried
  • Fruit can be Whole, Cut-Up or Puree

Buy Local

  • Locally Grown Supports MI's Economy
  • Ensures Better Nutritional Value
  • Saves Money

Fruit Tips:

  • Keep a Bowl of Fruit on a Table or Counter
  • Buy Fresh Fruits (In Season)
  • Think Variety: (Dried, Frozen, Canned in water or 100% Juice) Whole Fruit Provides Additional Fiber
  • Incorporate Fruit at Meals (Add to your Cereal, Pancakes or Yogurt)
  • Pack Convenient Fruits (Bananas, Apples, Grapes, Individual Containers of Fruit)

Kid Friendly Snacks!

Fruit Kabobs:

  • Assemble Chunks of Fruit onto a chopstick, skewer or straw.
  • Bonus: Incorporate Chunks of String Cheese onto the Skewer for Calcium.

Fruit Dips:

  • 6 oz Container of Flavored Yogurt + 8 oz Container of "Whipped" Cream Cheese


  • Blend Fat Free or Low Fat yogurt or milk with fresh fruit and ice.
  • Or use Frozen Fruit and Skip the Ice!