Best Guacamole recipe made easy and healthy.

Guacamole Recipe

Looking for a killer guacamole recipe featuring super powered ascorbic acid?  This lemony take on guacamole has you covered!

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  • Citrus juice poured over avacado and mixed in delays the browning of this guacamole recipe.


    It's science!  Using a lemon or lime in your guacamole helps prevent browning because lemon is full of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).  This acid reactics with oxygen before polyphenal oxidase can impact your beautiful green guac.  


  • A cook is following family fare's guacamole recipe tips while preparing an attractive bowl of quacamole ingredients.


    Not eating your creation right away?  Reducing the chance for oxygen's opportunity to interact with your guacamole is a key to keeping it from browning.  Reduce air pockets as much as possible and tightly cover it using plastic wrap.  


This guacamole recipe starts to take shape as the cook mashes the avacados and ingredients togther in this tasty and heathy recipe.

If you're eating your guacamole right away,  reduce surface area by tossing in the pits from your avocados!  It dresses up your dish and reduces oxygen exposure, to help keep things green and lovely.