Fuel Points


Shop a little, shop a lot. You'll always be earning towards fuel savings with our new fuel points program. 

  • Shop

      Earn points towards fuel savings every time you shop!


  • Earn Points

    Keep track of your fuel points on the bottom of your recipt.


  • Save on Gas!

    Enter your code at the pump and pay for your gas inside at your local QuikTrip or Quik Pik/Shell.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do fuel points work? 

You earn fuel points every time you shop* with yes card. Accumulate 100 fuel points and receive a 10 cent fuel reward. You can save up your rewards and combine them to earn up to 90¢ off per gallon on fuel purchases at Family Fare. The maximum fill up is 20 gallons.

How do  earn fuel points?

See below for how accumulation works:

Trip 1: $25 spent = 25 fuel points earned

Trip 2: $17 spent = 17 fuel points earned

Trip 3: $64 spent = 64 fuel points earned.

Total of the 3 trips = $106.

You will receive one fuel reward for 100 fuel points and have 6 fuel points accumulated for your next fuel reward!
Look for special promotions to earn double, triple and even quadruple the fuel points on every dollar you spend!
Is there a limit to how many fuel points I can earn?

There is no limit to the amount of points you can earn. Every time you get to 100 fuel points, you will receive a fuel reward. If you reach more than 100 fuel points in a transaction you will get a fuel reward for that amount. For example, 200 points = 20 cent fuel reward, 300 points = 30 cent fuel reward.

How to Redeem Fuel Coupon


Redeem at the pump

1. Insert your PumpStart or Credit Card to activate pump.

2. Press “Yes” if you have a Family Fare Fuel Reward Code. Enter your 8-digit reward code from your Family Fare receipt.

3. If the reward is stackable and you have another reward code, repeat Step 2. If not, press “No”.
4. Select grade of fuel, pump fuel, then take receipt.
Pay inside Quiktrip Store
1. Request a PumpStart card inside QuikTrip store.
2. Swipe your PumpStart card at the pump and enter Family Fare Fuel Reward Code.
3. Pump fuel and pay inside QuikTrip store.
For Blair NE Family Fare shoppers
1. Pump fuel before you pay a participating Quik Pik stores.
2. Provide your Family Fare reward coupon to the cashier.
3.Pay for Fuel
How long are my fuel rewards good for?
Each fuel reward is good for 90 days, plenty of time to save up for big savings on fuel!
Maximum of 20 gallon limit. Rewards are valid for fuel only and may NOT be used for merchandise. Reward codes are only accepted at the pump. The inside register will not accept Family Fare Fuel Reward Codes.
*Items excluded from fuel points: Purchase of prescriptions, tobacco, lottery, stamps, gift cards, sales tax and service counter items.Program valid 2/3/16 through 12/31/16