What is it?

Making It Real is an interactive, hands on, cooking experience held in your kitchen, for you, the host, and 14 of your friends.  The concept is all about Real People, Cooking Real Food.  Instead of learning how to cook watching TV, learn how to cook in your own kitchen using everyday food from your local Spartan Store.  

We will provide the cook, the food and the clean up.  You provide the kitchen, beverages, and the guests.  We will share recipes, product knowledge, tips, and trends from the kitchen.

Each month, we will demonstrate new recipes with new products.   For example, January was all about Big Game appetizers with Johnsonville Sausage, February we will expand on appetizers with Tender Ridge Angus Beef.  All recipes include a cooking video so be sure to visit us often to get more ideas and entertainment solutions.

What do I have to do as a house host? 
Invite 14 of your closest friends to your home for this party on the date you have picked.  Because this is an interactive cooking experience, we ask that you limit your guests to no more than 15 people total.   
Our ambassadors, your cook, will do the rest. You and your guests will enjoy a cooking experience hosted by yes Rewards. 
How long is this party? 
Your Spartan Ambassador will arrive ½ hour before the party begins to prep.  A typical party with the Ambassador is around 2.5 hours. But your party can continue as long as you want, long after the ambassador leaves.
What will the Ambassador do at my party? 
The Ambassador will do the grocery shopping, do the prep work, demonstrate how to cook the recipe, and clean your kitchen after the food has been served. 
What do I have to supply for my party? 
All that you will need to supply are the beverages of your choice. And your kitchen of course! 
Will I get paid as a house host? 
No. You’ll receive the party for free, plus 1,000 yesRewards points as a house host.  The ambassador will also bring points to distribute to your guests.  Be sure to ask your friends to bring their yes Rewards card or they could miss out!  
Really, I don’t have to do anything?
For the most part, no, you won’t have to do anything. We are asking though, for you to share with your friends and family your experience.  You can post pictures on Facebook, tweet about the recipe, forward the recipes, and more.   
Can I be a house host more than once?
Maybe. Right now we are limiting house hosts to once every three months. 
What do my guests receive? 
A fun party at your house and the chance to earn up to 4,000 yes Reward points!  If your guests are not a yes Rewards customer, they sign up at your party.
Do my guests need to do anything or bring anything to my party?
Just their yes Rewards card.   
Do I or my guests have to buy anything at this party? 
No! How great is that?! You all are there to have fun and learn about cooking. 
When can I be a house host? 
You will receive a phone call or email from a Spartan representative letting you know that you have been selected to host a party.  The representative will provide a 2 to 3 week time frame for you to choose from.  Once you have choosen a date, you will need to invite your 14 friends.  Your ambassador will call you within 48 hours of your party to set the arrangements.   
Do I get to choose my Ambassador? 
No. But they are all great and you won’t be disappointed with any of the Making It Real team. 
What else do I need to know? 
To be a house host, you will be required to sign a waiver releasing Spartan and the Ambassador from any liability.  We will also ask that your guests sign a waiver as this is an interactive, hands-on, cooking experience.  
How do you become a house host?

Simply register online.  Should you be selected, you will be contacted to let you know that it is time to throw a party!