Yard Games

Remember the yard game named Jarts.  When one of us (I have 5 brothers) opened this game up for a birthday, we immediately went outside and played this very dangerous game.  A 12” projectile with a metal, pointed tip, that is thrown in the direction of humans is not something a bunch of boys should be playing with.  A few close calls and a broken sprinkler later and the game disappeared.

There are some great outside games that adults and kids love.  Spike Ball, Kan Jam, and Cornhole are some favorites at our family gatherings.   I’m sure you have your favorites as well.  These games can make you thirsty due to the heat and humidity.  Water is your best hydration.  A beer would be a fun option.  Here are some new and not so new options for yard games.

One of my favorite beer items is Schofferhofer Hefeweizen Grapefruit Bier.  This hefeweizen style beer is blended 50/50 with 100% carbonated juice made from natural ingredients.  The grapefruit juice mixes very well with hefe and is a very easy drink on a warm day.  The blending of beer and carbonated juice also cuts down on the ABV which is 2.5%.  A very tasty and refreshing quaff. Not available in Minnesota.

The next tasty beer is the M43 from Old Nation.  This beer came out of nowhere and is a star.  For quite some time this product had spotty availability due to capacity issues at Old Nation.  They simply could not keep up with demand.  The New England style of IPA with a higher malt bill and an unfiltered and juicy mouthfeel makes this an IPA that is easy on the palate.  This was so popular you have big name breweries mimicking the style of beer.  You get pineapple, mango, and grapefruit in the flavor of this beer.  The ABV is 6% with 65 IBUs. Only available in Michigan.

In Michigan, between the cities of Hudsonville and Allendale there is a road called Stanton.  You need to take a little trip to this road and visit Farmhaus.  My wife and I are close enough to ride our bikes to Farmhaus.  Farmhaus Ciders have a new cider named Crushable.  What a great name for a cider, I’m surprised no one had used it before.  This is a cool and refreshing cider due to its addition of cucumber to the mix.  A real thirst quencher.  6.4% is the ABV. Only available in Michigan.

Ballast Point’s new IPA named Fathom has fruit flavors that are derived from the hops.  It is described as a west coast style which means it is very hop forward in the malt/hop balance.  Zesty orange and piney hops are the flavors.  ABV is 6% and IBUs are at 50. Only available in Michigan, North Dakota & Nebraska.

Michelob has new beer.  Its name is Michelob Pure Gold.  It is a beer that is nice to your waistline.  It boasts only 85 calories and 2.5 carbs.  This beer would appeal to beer drinkers that are looking for a light beer that tastes good.  This beer is made with organic grains, it is triple filtered, and brewed free of artificial colors and flavors. Available at all Family Fare stores.

A new/old beer that has made the scene again is named Sol.  Sol is the word for sun.  This lager is bright and refreshing and has its roots in Mexico.  It is now owned by Miller-Coors and is getting a brand new debut.  This beer is easy drinking on a hot day. Available at all Family Fare stores.

Another great Mexican beer, Corona, has a new beer named Corona Premier.  This beer goes after the people looking for beer items that are better for you and match their active lifestyles.  Corona Premier is very smooth and very drinkable.  This beer comes in at 4% ABV with only 7 IBUs.  The calories are 90 and the carbs are 2.6g.  Delicious. Available at all Family Fare stores.


Greg Vanoverloop Beer Wine Spirits Category Manager


Fast Facts about me: started in the Grocery business bagging at D&W in 1975.  Worked at D&W for 30 years in various departments.
Worked at SpartanNash for 11 years.  Currently the Category Manager for Wine/Beer/Spirits for SpartanNash East.
Have been a category manager since 1990 and a category manager of beer  since 1997.  CM of wine and spirits since 2007.
Have travelled extensively which provided the opportunity to taste many foods and beverages from Hong Kong to Caribbean, from California to Maine.
Love to cook, grill, and bake, snow ski, sail, and read books.    Best baked item – a bourbon pecan pie with rum crust.  Best grilled item – salmon with blueberry onion wine sauce and goat cheese.  Best cooked item – Squash Apple soup with bourbon.  Best ski slope – Go Devil at Keystone.  Best book – Wonder.
1 wife, 3 children, 7.3 grandchildren.