Wine Around the World for National Drink Wine Day


People have been making and drinking wine for thousands of years. It’s played a central role in almost every culture known to man and continues to shape our culture as wine-making becomes even more sophisticated. 

This National Drink Wine Day, we’re celebrating with a “trip around the world” to two of the most renowned wine-producing countries on Earth (and one that might surprise you).  

Keep reading to learn more about some of our favorite wines!

Three Claude Val Wines to Celebrate National Drink Wine Day  

When it comes to wine, the French are the undisputed masters. As one of the oldest and longest producers of fine wine, they’ve honed their craft in a way the rest of the world’s winemakers have yet to replicate. 

The French wine-making philosophy, terroir, considers each environmental variable and matches it with the grapes best suited for those conditions. Not only does this make French wines fulfill their flavor potential, but each bottle, and all its particularities, is deeply connected to the place from which it came. 

Hailing from Languedoc-Roussillon in southeastern France, Claude Val wines are accessible to most consumers while still maintaining the high quality associated with French wines.  

  • Claude Val Rouge: Crisp, fruity, floral  
  • Claude Val Rosé: Honey, stone fruit, melon 
  • Claude Val Blanc: Violet, cherry, sweet citrus  

Celebrate National Drink Wine Day With an Italian White Wine  

Like France, Italy has a long history of making and drinking excellent wine. The region’s climate is ideal for growing grapes, and their high industry standards make Italian wine some of the most sought-after bottles on the market. In addition, Italy is home to hundreds of varieties of grapes and is the number one producer of wine in the world. Perhaps most importantly, wine and pasta are a match made in Heaven. 

Short for “giovane” (Italian for “young”), Gio wines are made by farmers with more than 70 years of growing grapes and making wine. This National Wine Day, might we suggest Gio’s 2017 Pino Grigio. It’s a zesty, floral, and citrus white wine that pairs perfectly with seafood. 

Three Crios Wines to Celebrate National Drink Wine Day 

Grapes were one of the first crops brought to the Western Hemisphere by the Spanish, who were pleased to encounter ideal grape-growing landscapes across the southern part of South America. Winemakers discovered that Argentina’s sandy soil, altitude, and indigenous irrigation methods led to flourishing, high-yield crops. Now the largest exporter of wine in Latin America, Argentine wine is known for being uniquely fruity, and wine is considered the country’s national alcohol.  

A family business, Crios is run by a mother and children team (hence the name “crios,” which means “child” in Spanish). Their grapes are sourced from Mendoza and Salta, regions that are ideal for producing fruit-forward style wines. Get acclimated with Argentine wines by sampling some of Crio’s best bottles. 

  • Crios Torrontes 2017: Dry, fresh, aromatic 
  • Crios Malbec, Mendoza 2017: Delicate, fresh, crisp 
  • Crios Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendoza 2017: Elegant, mineral, balanced 

Ask Our Wine Specialists for More Recommendations 

Our in-store wine specialists are an incredible resource, so if you have questions when shopping with us, please don’t be afraid to ask! They can help you decide between new wine varietals, learn more about any of the bottles mentioned in this blog, or even help c what to pair with tonight’s dinner.  

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We love when people like you are looking for great wines at fantastic prices. This week’s sale wine is Fleur de Mer Rose de Provence. Reminiscent of the flower-covered French hillside, Fleur de Mer Rose de Provence’s origins are in France’s “golden triangle” — considered the best agricultural region for growing grapes. Subtly fruity with notes of lavender and herbs, you’ll fall in love with this medium-bodied rose.  


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