What Beer To Pair With Your Easter Leftovers


I think leftover Easter food is better than leftover Thanksgiving food.  The reason is the ham.  Ham is so close to bacon, which motivates my preference.  Leftover roast ham or leftover honey glazed ham is delicious and satisfying.  The question we face is: what do we pair with Easter leftovers in order to make them even more tasty?

My favorite pairing for roast ham would be the new lager from Founders, Solid Gold.  I can’t say enough about this wonderful lager.  This lager, with its lemondrop hops, can stand up to the intense flavor of ham and enhance its flavor.  Lager balances salt well and it also cleanses the palate with its crisp finish.  Like my youngest grandson says, “Ladicious.”

Glazed ham adds sweetness as a major component to ham.  With this leftover option, I am going with Bell’s Porter.  The brown sugar or honey sweetness of ham glaze pairs well with this beautiful example of porter.  Bells Porter, though dark in color, is actually lighter in weight and finishes crisp for a porter style beer.  You don’t have to wait for the ham to be leftovers; this is a great pairing on Easter as well!

Lamb is another protein that is often used for Easter.  Lamb calls for a bigger bodied beer due to the more rounded flavors of Lamb.  My pick with Lamb would be Guinness Stout.  St. Patrick’s Day is long gone but Guinness lives on to pair with another holiday.  Malty, creamy, and flavorful are the attributes Guinness lends to roast or grilled lamb.  The lamb I am thinking of is a trimmed out leg of lamb that I rolled up with dried apricots, cherries, currants, and sage.  More Ladicious.

You may be wondering, what do you do with all those leftover Easter eggs?  If you live in Michigan, I recommend making deviled eggs and pairing them with Shorts Huma Lupa Licious.  This is an amazing IPA that matches perfectly with the mild flavor of egg and the rich flavor of the yolk.  If you are a Corn Husker fan from the great state of Nebraska, I recommend a nice and hoppy brew like Nebraska Brewing IPA , New Glarus Moon Man in Wisconsin, Crow Peak 11th Hour IPA in South Dakota, Fargo Brewing Wood Chipper IPA in North Dakota, and Surly Furious in Minnesota.   All these great beers will make those leftover eggs have your taste buds hopping.

Don’t forget the paprika. Hot Cross Buns are hard to beat fresh, but can be just as good later. Stick them in the oven for a minute or two and pair these warm, succulent morsels with a Blue Moon.  Make sure to include the often paired orange slice. The Blue Moon and the orange slice pair perfectly with the steamy raisins in the roll.

Chocolate Bunny, hopefully with its ears intact, pairs perfectly with Lindemans Framboise (Michigan Only).  This is a beautiful Lambic style Belgian beer jammed full of raspberry flavor.  The color in the glass is a beautiful deep red with very little carbonation.  It is a perfect pairing with any chocolate dessert.

Last but not least, the ever present Peeps.  I just couldn’t resist a pairing for them.  Peeps don’t match up with a concoction of barley, water, yeast and hops.  So I would recommend here to try a wine instead, preferably Prosecco.  You can even float the peep (it looks like a duck) in the Prosecco.  It is gooey and crunchy and bubble all at the same item.  It isn’t a beer pairing, but it is a unique and wonderful pairing.

*Not all beers are available in all stores. Please check with your specifc store location for availability.


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