Bourbon Chasers: New Holland


Proud to Support Local Spirits!

Michigan's beer, wine and spirits industry is rapidly expanding, and doesn't show any signs of stopping. With countless breweries, wineries and distilleries throughout the state, The Mitten is drawing national buzz for its libations. Among these successful producers is Holland's New Holland Brewing, and they're receiving praise for their beer AND their spirits.

New Holland is partnering with SpartanNash stores for a special release of their Beer Barrel Bourbon, and invited the SpartanNash Bourbon Chasers out for a custom Bourbon tasting to ensure that this special release is perfect. Stay tuned for more updates about our special releases, and for the release date for our New Holland release!


New Holland's prohibition-era still, the workhorse of New Holland's distillery.


Each barrel is unique and adds different flavors to each batch, so Greg and Scott looked for the perfect barrel for our special release.


We sampled a wide variety of delicious Bourbon, not a bad way to spend our workday.


We took plenty of notes and extensively discussed each batch.


Scott, Emily and Greg, the SpartanNash Bourbon Chasers, with Isaac and Fred from New Holland.