National Rosé Day

June 9th is the second Saturday in the month of June.  Everyone knows this is National Rosé Day.  What a great day to celebrate.  We are thinking of organizing a Rosé Parade, much better than the New Year parade, held in Pasadena, California. 

Rosé has become very popular in the past two years.  It is now cool for men to drink this very pink drink.  Many people think of white zinfandel when they think of pink wine.  White Zin is typically made very sweet.  True Rosé wine can be slightly sweet to bone dry.  Rosé is lighter in flavor and body and is very versatile with food or just sipping in moderation on the four P’s: porch, patio, picnic, and pontoon boat.

Rosé is probably the oldest type of wine, dating back as far as 600 BC.  Rosé wines are typically made from red grapes and the color of Rosé ranges from very light pink to dark pink based on the amount of  time that the juice spends in contact with the red grape skins.  This is called maceration.  When winemakers juice red grapes to make Rosé, they leave the juice in contact with the skins, usually 2-3 days.  When the juice gets to the desired pink hue, the skins are removed and the juice is fermented into a tasty Rosé.  There is a misconception that Rosé is made by mixing red wine with white wine.  True Rosé is not made in this manner.

We have a great new offering of Rosé wine items at Family Fare and they are taking off.  Below are what we have.

Rose All Day has a very beautiful label.  Very simplistic, but it really stands out in a crowd.  All white label with pink letters.  This Rosé tastes of red fruits and is very crisp on the palate.  Serve chilled with fish, chicken, or shrimp. Only Available in MI.

The very popular Apothic brand has a new Rosé.  It has a darker look and feel than typical Rosé items.  It is made in California and has flavor layers of watermelon, strawberry, and raspberry.  This wine pairs well with hearty cheeses or dark chocolate. Available in all markets.

Barefoot Bubbly has a new sparkling Rosé.  It is the driest Barefoot Bubbly offering.  It has aromas of raspberries and cherries with flavors of nectarine and red apples.  This wine finishes with citrus flavors and pairs well with lighter cheeses and sushi. Only Available in MI, NE & MN.

Prophecy also has a Rosé offering.  This brand has the best labels according to our wine team.  This wine can be easily found because of its label.  This is a French Rosé at a very affordable price.  Like European wines this Rosé is delicate, crisp, and bright.  There is red fruits and melon at the mid palate with a crisp and tight finish.  This wine is perfect with salads and light pasta dishes. Only Available in MI & NE.

Chateau Chantal on Old Mission Peninsula has a new Rosé made from their Malbec from Argentina.  The name is Armour Malbec Rosé.  This is a full bodied Rosé made from fully ripe Malbec grapes.  This wine has enough gumption to get you from appetizers to the main course.  Juicy and lush would be my description.  Dark berries and cherries on the palate this wine will pair with hamburgers, grilled fish, and Michigan sunsets. Only Available in MI.

We have a second sparkling Rosé from Clos du Bois.  We sell a significant amount of Clos du Bois which make this a very trusted brand of wine.  The flavors on this sparkling wine are strawberry, apricot, and cranberry.  It has bubbles which make this a very fun wine.  Another great pairing with salads or grilled seafood. Only Available in MI.

Kendall Jackson has a new Rosé offering for 2018 named Vintners Reserve Rosé.  This wine has a great label as well and comes from a very trusted wine family.  The aromas are strawberry, grapefruit, and floral notes.  The flavors are watermelon, hibiscus, and apricot.  This wine pairs well with light pastas, salads, and goat cheese. Only Available in MI.

Cupcake has released a new Rosé which comes from California grapes. Flavors of watermelon, strawberry and white nectarines give this wine a very refreshing taste. Pairs well with prosciutto wrapped melon, an arugula salad or just a sunny day. Available in all markets.

Dark Horse also from California has come out with a limited release Rosé. There is no oak contact with this wine which leads to a very complex, rich fruit-forward flavor that pairs well with chips and dip and a smoky burger. Available in all markets.

Add Rosé to your summer picnics and parties, you will be glad you did!