Build a Better Sandwich

Sandwiches are not just for lunch, they can be eaten them at every meal! Learn how to use different ingredients to build a healthy sandwich.

Sandwiches are a lunchtime favorite! Sandwiches are a delicious dish that can provide lots of healthy nutrients. The definition of a sandwich includes squeezing something between two other things. This leaves the door wide open for what to put into a sandwich and what to use to squeeze it together!

Think about your favorite sandwich, what is in it? Different meats? Cheese? Any veggies? How about fruit? What is used to squeeze it together? Bread? A bagel? Lettuce? Sandwiches allow you to use your imagination and favorite flavors to create a masterpiece!

Sandwiches can be inexpensive, portable, and don’t have to require refrigeration; all reasons they make an easy meal wherever and whenever! I say whenever because who doesn’t like a breakfast sandwich? Eggs, bacon, gooey cheese, all between an English muffin; yes please! Or, a warm turkey pesto Panini for dinner, sign me up!  Sandwiches are good at every meal!

In just one bite, a well-built sandwich can include nearly all of the food groups. As a reminder, the food groups include: protein, grains, vegetables, fruits, and dairy as well as oils. Having many different ingredients on hand can help you and your kids build a better sandwich. Here are a few tips to build a better sandwich, brought to you Produce For Kids.

When choosing a protein, think lean proteins like turkey and chicken. Don’t forget about fish! Our Family brand Tuna Pouches are a great choice. Eggs whether scrambled, over-easy or hardboiled can be a great addition at breakfast or lunch. Peanut butter is a kid staple.

Vegetables contain fiber which keep you fuller longer and add a nice crunch to any salad. Cucumbers, onions, spinach, and cabbage are just a few examples. Hatch Chile Peppers are in season this year! They will make a great interesting flavor addition to any sandwich.  Hatch Chile Peppers are easy to roast on the grill and contrary to popular belief, they are quite sweet! For a limited time we are roasting Hatch Chiles, you buy them and we'll roast them for free.  See the Hatch Chile Roasting Event schedules for Family Fare, Family Fresh Market, VG's Grocery and Dan's Supermarkets

Fruit can be a sweet addition to a sandwich; thinly sliced pears are one of my favorites. You can also enjoy a serving of fruit on the side with an apple or grapes.

If adding cheese, low-fat is best like part-skim mozzarella slices. Greek yogurt mixed with pepper, garlic and a squeeze of lemon juice can make a great spread.

Re-think your sauce and opt for a healthy oil like olive mixed with vinegar. Or, add another veggie with smashed avocado. Add more protein and use hummus as a spread.

Lastly, choose your vehicle for all these yummy ingredients. Aim for whole grains, this includes whole wheat bread, bagels, and even tortillas.

You can find all of these sandwich ingredients at your local Family Fare. Be sure to start in the produce department for all your fruits and veggies as well as deli items like hummus and guacamole.


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Louise Bilek Spartannash Health and Wellness Specialist


Louise Bilek – Healthy Foodie 
Louise is one of the Health & Wellness Specialist’s at SpartanNash who is also a Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer. Louise is passionate about living well and teaching others, especially children, how to make healthy food choices and be physically active.