Be A Frozen Foodie


March is Frozen Food Month!

Do you skip the freezer cases on your way to the produce section because you think fresh is superior to frozen? If you do, then keep reading. We think you'll be surprised.

Because they are picked at their peak ripeness and processed and packaged immediately, frozen fruits and veggies retain much of their nutritional value. "Fresh" produce, on the other hand, is often pulled from the ground several days—or even weeks—earlier. 

If you're worried that frozen foods are pumped full of preservatives, don't. They usually have no artificial additives or preservatives (check the ingredients). In fact, the most natural way of preserving food is freezing them. Freezing essentially stops the clock, making preservatives unnecessary. 

Frozen foods are also convenient time savers since they don't usually require washing, peeling, cutting, or chopping. And because they're usually cheaper than their fresh counterparts, they're easier on your budget. 

All we are saying is give frozen foods a chance.