April Fool's Food Pranks

A few of our favorite food pranks, just in time for April Fool's Day

Whether you're looking for some prank inspiration, or looking to prevent getting pranked, here are some of our favorite food pranks for April Fool's Day:

Toothpaste Oreo Cookies

Food Pranks Toothpaste Oreo Cookies for April Fools

One of the most classic food pranks out there, the toothpaste Oreo cookie is a perfectly disguised recipe for a successful April Fool's Day prank.

Toothpaste Oreo Cookie April Fool's Day Prank

Simply open up the cookie and remove the frosting with a knife. Apply a moderate amount of toothpaste and spread evenly. Reapply top cookie layer and let solidify for about an hour.

Chocolate Covered Brussels Sprouts

Chocolate Covered Brussel Sprouts April Fools Food Pranks

Just as a disclaimer, we think this prank is a really good one, but only use these pranks on people who you feel comfortable pranking - no need to lose friendships over decoy brussels sprouts. This one is really simple: melt chocolate, dip in chocolate, let cool. We used toothpicks to make for cleaner chocolate dipping.

Jello Juice

Jello Juice April Fool's Day Food Pranks

Offer a friend or family member a glass of cold juice - and to their surprise they can't use the straw. They've been fooled. 

Prepare your choice of flavored gelatin in a bowl or large measuring cup. Pour gelatin mixture into glasses with straws, and allow to cool and set in the fridge.

Jello Juice April Fool's Day Food Pranks

We hope you enjoy your food pranking, and/or staying alert and protecting yourself from pranks this year!